Aug. 14th, 2013

kiyaar: (real life adventures)

Sins of Omission: Post-Civil War, pre-Secret Invasion. Tony deals poorly with Steve's death, falls off the wagon, sees ghosts, and misses a lot.
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: 616 | words: 135000 | rating: E | warnings: abuse, torture, non-con, character death

Rules of Engagement: Captain Anthony Stark is employed by one Baron Zemo to recover a priceless treasure off the coast of Antarctica. He gets a lot more than he bargained for. Pirate AU.
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: 616 | words: 11400 | rating: E

Completed Works:

Plunge: How the Illuminati ruined everything and no one managed to pick up the pieces. (written for Cap_IM RBB 2013)
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: 616 | words: 28400 | rating: E | warnings: CNTW | posted 07/19/2013

Better Halves: Tony gets kidnapped. Steve does his best to get him back.
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: MCU | words: 5500 | rating: T | warnings: torture | posted 03/12/2013

Siege / Coda: Set during "Casualties of War." Tony meets with Steve to tell him something important. It all goes to hell after that.
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: 616 | words: 8579 | rating: E | warnings: graphic non-con, violence | posted 8/29/2012

Quickening: At some point, Steve stops being a chorus girl and becomes a soldier.
  GEN: Steve | universe: MCU | words: 3300 | rating: T | posted 09/19/2012

Oubliette: Steve was awake, in the ice.
  GEN: Steve | universe: MCU | words: 2700 | rating: T | posted 11/12/2012

Rusted Wheel (Or How the Civil War Might Have Ended):Tony was on the courthouse steps and took the bullets for Steve.
  pairing: Tony/Steve | universe: 616 | words: 3100 | rating: T | warnings: character death | posted 08/11/2012


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